• Huygens Les Roses Parfum
  • Huygens Les Roses Parfum
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Huygens Les Roses Parfum

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At the dawn of the day, picking roses in the fields of southern France. A hand immersed in the wicker baskets that enclose the petals. The skin in touch with their captivating sweetness. This emotion has been captured in Les Roses.

The top note of Les Roses reveals the vibrant and sparkling duo of pink pepper and bergamot. The Damasc rose magnifies this accord with elegant and velvety allure. This sweet and delicate infusion is stung in the heart by the sharp and green notes of blackcurrant buds, and then softened in musky smoothness. The exquisite rose absolute unveils and conveys the perfume all its intensity. For the base note Les Roses covers up with enveloping notes of amber that surge on the green and woody character of patchouli. 

What about men? With its delicately wooded base note, this rose give to the man skin the greatest elegance. A fragrance to share.

HUYGENS combines the most beautiful natural raw materials with a maximum of organic ingredients. The use of flower water and organic alcohol boosts the plenitude and pureness of these unique compositions for women and men. Without harmful UV filters, without colorants, without phthalates.

« Breathing Paris preserves the soul » VICTOR HUGO

Les Roses must be distinguished by the excellence of its raw material (contains 94.9% natural ingredients and 89.9% organic ingredients) into a captivating and delicate composition.