Suiso water is infused with molecular hydrogen (H2) at a concentration of 800 ppb ~ 1400 ppb (parts per billion) which is able to easily penetrate into our cells’ mitochondria and pass through our blood-brain barrier to neutralize toxic free-radicals.
Free-radicals have been linked to aging, tissue damage, cardiovascular disease rheumatoid arthritis and several types of cancer.


H2 targets and neutralizes dangerous free-radicals and removes them through urination.Suiso water can also prevent oxidative stress by increasing our body’s own antioxidants.
Suiso water contains a negative oxidation/reduction potential (ORP) of -400 ~ -450 to help neutralize hydroxyl radicals (•OH), to help in anti-inflammatory processes and reduce oxidative stress.


The electrolysis system of Suiso with its 6-layered titanium-platinum membrane allows water (H2O) to be rapidly and safely separated into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2), so that hydrogen can rapidly diffuse into water molecules to be dissolved.
Hydrogen is not naturally contained in bottled or tap water. Suiso technology causes ordinary water to be infused with rich levels of the hydrogen molecules and, thus, allows them to be safely dissolved in the water.
Suiso system utilises a PEM membrane which will not produce chlorine and ozone gas which make it safe to be consumed on a daily basis.