Name: R. Nadine Shelf

How have you been affected by breast cancer?

You constantly live in fear of another find.

How did you find out you have breast cancer and how old were you?
I had breast reduction surgery and it was found in the pathology. Stage 1 (.04 cm) 6 1/2 years ago.

I know this is a sensitive subject, but can you tell us about your treatment plan?
3 1/2 weeks of radiation. 2 years of Tamoxifin.

Where did you get your strength and resilience from?
Good question: Being afraid is a natural reaction but it's important to deal with next steps. There was nothing I could do but look toward the future because looking back was not helpful. I'm very much a private person when it comes to my health. I like to deal with the facts first before I share them with anyone else.

What has been most helpful to you in the support you have received?
Support gives you options and information you would otherwise not have.

What are some ways you would advise young women to do to help lower their risk for breast cancer?
Be aware of your family history if possible.

What is your message to other women about the importance of screening?
Especially younger working women?

Do it!!!!

Did you know anyone who had breast cancer and how did that affect you?
One of my best friends had breast cancer twice with a double mastectomy. I was there for both surgeries and this was extremely scary.

What message do you have for others who have been diagnosed with breast cancer?
Face it head on. Do everything that is needed so that you can continue to live. Be active and remember that life does go on.