Name & Age:
June Jacobs, mid 60’s 
How have you been affected by breast cancer? How did you find out you have breast cancer?
During a routine checkup, my doctor found a cyst filled with fluid that was drained and came back negative for any cancer. At the same time, I had my yearly mammography, I think I was a bit late for mine this particular year, and the test picked up a cluster area that had been growing undetected for some time. We caught the cancer early enough that it was treatable and survivable. They say that cancer is never curable, but I was willing to fight and survey every option I had in order to survive. I had a lumpectomy in January of 2013. The pathology report results came back that one lymph node had micrometastatic disease and I was treated with a series of radiation sessions. To date I am almost five years cancer free.
Where did you get your strength and resilience from?
Even though she was not alive at the time, my mother is the source of my strength and resilience.
What has been most helpful to you in the support you have received?
My family means the world to me and I could not have made it through without their support. I’d also like to say a special thank you to Dr. John Ng at Weill Cornell Medicine Radiation Oncology who managed all of my care post-surgery.
I know this is a sensitive subject, but can you tell us about your treatment plan?
I had about 28+ sessions of radiation therapy done over the course of 6 consecutive weeks and suffered from acute dermatitis very early on. The discomfort and pain I felt was unbearable. None of the topical treatments that were recommended worked. I was on a mission – to develop a product based on the skin’s response to irritation and the skin’s repairing process. I knew I was not the only one suffering and wanted to develop a product that would be gentle, and effective for those undergoing radiation. When we created Rapid Repair Healing Cream, I knew we had something special – because it worked – it’s the most personal product in my line.
What is your message to other women about the importance of screening? Especially younger working women?
Ask the right questions, get tested yearly and never, ever miss your yearly screening. You must be diligent about going! Speak with your doctor and figure out the right testing that works for you.