Many of us have recently heard about Hydrogen Water and its health benefits! Although it seem like it is a new technology, or as gimmicky as it sounds like, Hydrogen water was studies by the Japanese scientists since 2007. There are now over 500 published scientific papers on hydrogen water and it is known to be beneficial for over 150 common diseases such as diabetic, Parkinson's, Alzheimer, inflammation, skin diseases, eczema...etc

In the past, people will travel to various countries in the world including Lourdes France, Tlacote Mexico, Nordenau Germany, Hita Japan and Hunza Pakistan in search for healing water.

Dr. Sanetaka Shirahata(Graduate School of Genetic Resources Technology, Kyushu University, Japan) have studied healing waters from those region and found that the healing water contain concentration of molecular hydrogen.


Four places with Natural Healing Water - Hydrogen 

Lourdes, France 

In a Japanese TV program named USO in 2002, it is documented that there is 5 million visitors yearly in Lourdes France with 3,670 confirmed cases of healing verified by doctors. 

Hunza, Pakistan 

One of the longest-living race in the world are called the Hunza, located in the north of Pakistan, found in several high altitude mountain valleys. Scientist and researchers have started to believe that the longevity of people in Hunza is from the water that they drink. The mountain water that flows to the villages have shown the highest amount of dissolved hydrogen. 

Tlacote, Mexico 

Tlacote, 200 miles away from Mexico City attracts above 8 million visitors per year. Numerous medical sources have confirms its healing properties including Magic Johnson. 

Norudenau, Germany

This is a rare gem which is less populated but have also shown more than 500 medical reports on healing. Water from Norudenau have also found to be hydrogen rich. 


You can of course hike and climb to these four places with miracle water! Now, you can also get hydrogen rich water with Suiso Hydrogen water at the comfort of your home!