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Suiso EZi hydrogen water generator is infused with molecular hydrogen (H2) at a concentration of 800 ppb (parts per billion) and above which is able to easily penetrate into our cells’ mitochondria and pass through our blood-brain barrier to neutralize toxic free-radicals.  Free-radicals have been linked to aging, tissue damage, cardiovascular disease rheumatoid arthritis and several types of cancer. H2 targets...


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Paraben and preservative free, this refreshing moisture gel masque imparts a bouquet of fresh mandarin oranges to awaken the senses. Algae extract and hyaluronic acid act as humectants, retaining moisture in the skin, revealing an improved tone and texture without adding excess oils. Powerful patented anti-oxidant blend of white, red and green tea extracts combined with goji berry, pomegranate and...

Cellmiin D-Tox Deep Cleansing Mask (1 Sheet)

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CELLMIIN TOP SELLING NO.1 MASK ! MUST BUY !! -Smooth micro bubble removes makeup and skin wastes cleanly-Deep Cleansing Mask for clean & Clear Skin-Smooth, fine-grained bubble cleanses makeup and wastes accumulated-on skin to protect skin from external harmful environment.-It gives vitality to weary skin and makes it moist and healthy. 【CELLMIIN人氣銷售排名NO.1面膜.不買不行~】 . ★深層清潔臉部肌膚角質及髒污★泡沫型水洗清潔面膜★保養兼具清潔面膜 CELLMIIN針對不同肌齡、不同功效需求,所研發出五款機能型面膜。 . 適用膚質:全膚質,敏感肌膚請先做敏感測試再使用。 (灰色)深層淨化清潔面膜: 泡泡型水洗清潔面膜,帶走您臉上平時洗不淨的髒污,深層清潔臉部老廢角質。

Cellmiin Milk Peeling Vital Mask (1 Sheet)

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CELLMIIN SKIN TONING INTENSIVE PEELING MASK ! MUST BUY !! ▪ Eco-friendly fiber made from natural protein material of milk -Purified pure protein in milk is contained in non-woven sheet -Nutrition ↑ / Moisturizing ↑ / Skin irritation ↓-Very soft and easy to use even for young children.(Anti-allergy, Swiss Okeo Tex test report) 【保濕鎖水不可少,牛奶潤膚,保濕又透亮~】 ★保濕滋潤肌膚、溫和清除肌膚角質★申請專利牛奶蛋白質面膜★含有牛奶保濕精華成分 CELLMIIN針對不同肌齡、不同功效需求,所研發出五款機能型面膜。 .適用膚質:全膚質,敏感肌膚請先做敏感測試再使用。(📣小提醒:此款面膜為清潔型面膜,建議一般膚質一週使用1次即可,油性肌膚一週可視情況一週使用1-2次。) (綠色)牛奶潤膚水光面膜:添加牛奶蛋白質精華幫助肌膚鎖水,保濕UP! 溫和清潔臉部角質。🥛  

Cellmiin V-Lifting Mud Mask (1 Sheet)

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CELLMIIN V-ELASTIC & LIFTING MASK ! MUST BUY !! -Natural pink mask containing calamine is tightly adhered to the skin.-Contour mask to provide elastic lifting-Natural pink mask containing calamine is gently adhered to the sagging skin.-Absorbs waste and sebum in the pores and straighten up the broken face line.-Leaves skin elastic and smooth 【珍珠粉泥漿面膜,讓肌膚重回緊緻透亮肌~】 ★添加珍珠粉成分,使肌膚透亮★含有對清潔肌膚髒汙有效的爐甘石★使臉部肌膚拉提 CELLMIIN針對不同肌齡、不同功效需求,所研發出五款機能型面膜。 . 適用膚質:全膚質,敏感肌膚請先做敏感測試再使用。(📣小提醒:此款面膜為清潔型面膜,建議一般膚質一週使用1次即可,油性肌膚一週可視情況一週使用1-2次。) (粉色)V-彈力泥漿面膜:泥漿型水洗清潔面膜,在家也能享受做臉,使用添加珍珠粉的面膜,肌膚光滑明亮還您小V臉。💆🏻

Cellmiin Vita Ace Vital Mask (1 Sheet)

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CELLMIIN VITALITY WHITENING MASK ! MUST BUY !! * Special mask sheet containing Tocopherol (Vitamin E)- Vitamin E: Maintains cell membrane and Supply nourishes- Antioxidant effect (oxidation and deterioration of unsaturated fatty  acid of the human body, suppression of deterioration)- Temperature-sensitive printing method on visual effect 【亮白UP! 細紋OUT!,肌膚透出自然好氣色~】 ★添加六種維生素,使肌膚亮麗光彩★美白、改善皺紋★含有煙酰鞍成分抑制黑色素 CELLMIIN針對不同肌齡、不同功效需求,所研發出五款機能型面膜。適用膚質:全膚質,敏感肌膚請先做敏感測試再使用。 (黃色)維生素ACE活力面膜:煙酰胺抑制黑色素,打擊黑色素,亮白UP! 細紋OUT!

Cellmiin Volume Up De-Aging Mask (1 Sheet)

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CELLMIIN ANTI-AGING & TIGHTENING MASK ! MUST BUY !! -A peptide complex that helps skin elasticity builds up and densely penetrates into the skin.-A resilient mask for volume and shine-High concentrated essence that is full of nutrients penetrates tightly to the skin and moisturize.-The peptide complex and collagen ingredients give your skin a firm and resilience. 【肌膚總是乾澀暗沉無光嗎?就從敷臉開始保養!】 ★抗皺、抗暗沉,高保濕面膜★含有對皮膚彈力有效的縮氨酸組織&膠原成分★對肌膚拉提有效的水分凸印面膜 CELLMIIN針對不同肌齡、不同功效需求,所研發出五款機能型面膜。 ....

Susomi H2 Essence

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Features • Hydrogen (H2) molecules capsulated to keep the H2 ingredients alive until they penetrate deep into the skins. • Anti-Oxidation, Whitening, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-Aging, Skin Refurbishing, Moisturizing. • above 1600 ppb of Dissolved Hydrogen. • Hydrogen has Anti-oxidation activity 176 times Vitamin C. • clean type oil essence with no water included.   SUSOMI Hydrogen (H2) Essence contains over 1,600 ppb of...

Coco Veda Lead-Free Lipstick - Red

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* Organic | Natural | Chemical Free | Hand Made Made from premium grade Organic Cold processed Virgin Coconut Oil, beeswax and honey with extracts of fruits for flavors. Coco Veda Lipsticks moisturizes and protects the lips while keeping it beautiful and alluring. Coco Veda lipsticks are LEAD FREE and CHEMICAL FREE. Stays longer on lips. Colorants used are all natural...