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IPSENATURE Morocco Argan

“Fruit of God, argan oil with purity of 100% from Morocco”

Naturalistic skin care solution with the best quality oil, extracted from Argania tree (arganiaspinose) in southwestern region of Morocco, selected as a protection area by UNESCO, in cold-press unrefined way, not including any additives to get natural effect

IPSENATURE Morocco Argan Facial Oil

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Morocco Argan Facial Oil is made from 100% morocco organ oil certified by ECOCERT. Non greasy formula provide moisture to skin and nourish skin cells.  Mix 2-3 drops with your cleanser  Mix 1-2 drops with any essence or moisturiser Mix 1-2 drops with CC Cream, BB Cream and Foundation Apply on dry cuticle and nail  Apply at the ends of...

Morocco Argan Shea Butter Hand Cream

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Infused with 8 kinds of of natural oil are absorbed quickly onto dry and rough hands and cuticle for instant moist and soft hands! To be used after washing or when necessary.