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Cellmiin Vita Ace Vital Mask

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CELLMIIN VITALITY WHITENING MASK ! MUST BUY !! * Special mask sheet containing Tocopherol (Vitamin E) - Vitamin E: Maintains cell membrane and Supply nourishes - Antioxidant effect (oxidation and deterioration of unsaturated fatty  acid of the human body, suppression of deterioration) - Temperature-sensitive printing method on visual effect * 10 PCS / BOX 【亮白UP! 細紋OUT!,肌膚透出自然好氣色~】 ★添加六種維生素,使肌膚亮麗光彩★美白、改善皺紋★含有煙酰鞍成分抑制黑色素 CELLMIIN針對不同肌齡、不同功效需求,所研發出五款機能型面膜。適用膚質:全膚質,敏感肌膚請先做敏感測試再使用。 (黃色)維生素ACE活力面膜:煙酰胺抑制黑色素,打擊黑色素,亮白UP! 細紋OUT! *一盒十片。...

Cellmiin V-Lifting Mud Mask

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CELLMIIN V-ELASTIC & LIFTING MASK ! MUST BUY !! -Natural pink mask containing calamine is tightly adhered to the skin.-Contour mask to provide elastic lifting-Natural pink mask containing calamine is gently adhered to the sagging skin.-Absorbs waste and sebum in the pores and straighten up the broken face line.-Leaves skin elastic and smooth * 10 PCS / BOX 【珍珠粉泥漿面膜,讓肌膚重回緊緻透亮肌~】 ★添加珍珠粉成分,使肌膚透亮★含有對清潔肌膚髒汙有效的爐甘石★使臉部肌膚拉提 CELLMIIN針對不同肌齡、不同功效需求,所研發出五款機能型面膜。 ....

Cellmiin Volume Up De-Aging Mask

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CELLMIIN ANTI-AGING & TIGHTENING MASK ! MUST BUY !! -A peptide complex that helps skin elasticity builds up and densely penetrates into the skin.-A resilient mask for volume and shine-High concentrated essence that is full of nutrients penetrates tightly to the skin and moisturize.-The peptide complex and collagen ingredients give your skin a firm and resilience. * 10 PCS / BOX...

Cellmiin D-Tox Deep Cleansing Mask

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CELLMIIN TOP SELLING NO.1 MASK ! MUST BUY !! -Smooth micro bubble removes makeup and skin wastes cleanly-Deep Cleansing Mask for clean & Clear Skin-Smooth, fine-grained bubble cleanses makeup and wastes accumulated-on skin to protect skin from external harmful environment.-It gives vitality to weary skin and makes it moist and healthy. * 10 PCS / BOX 【CELLMIIN人氣銷售排名NO.1面膜.不買不行~】 . ★深層清潔臉部肌膚角質及髒污★泡沫型水洗清潔面膜★保養兼具清潔面膜 CELLMIIN針對不同肌齡、不同功效需求,所研發出五款機能型面膜。 ....

Cellmiin Milk Peeling Vital Mask

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CELLMIIN SKIN TONING INTENSIVE PEELING MASK ! MUST BUY !! ▪ Eco-friendly fiber made from natural protein material of milk -Purified pure protein in milk is contained in non-woven sheet -Nutrition ↑ / Moisturizing ↑ / Skin irritation ↓-Very soft and easy to use even for young children.(Anti-allergy, Swiss Okeo Tex test report) * 10 PCS / BOX 【保濕鎖水不可少,牛奶潤膚,保濕又透亮~】 ★保濕滋潤肌膚、溫和清除肌膚角質★申請專利牛奶蛋白質面膜★含有牛奶保濕精華成分 CELLMIIN針對不同肌齡、不同功效需求,所研發出五款機能型面膜。 .適用膚質:全膚質,敏感肌膚請先做敏感測試再使用。(📣小提醒:此款面膜為清潔型面膜,建議一般膚質一週使用1次即可,油性肌膚一週可視情況一週使用1-2次。)...